Nika Gift Pak (5 Sessions) – Nika Rennault

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If you like Nika Rennault and you want more of her then check out this Gift Pak. In the Gift Pak you will receive the following sessions:

Hypnotic Pleasure

Hypnotic Session Enhancer


Woman Pleaser 1

Woman Pleaser 2

4 reviews for Nika Gift Pak (5 Sessions) – Nika Rennault

  1. Dave P

    I purchased the Nika gift pak as a recommendation from Goddess herself! I was not disappointed! Each file is amazing, and I listen to at least one each day. If you want intense pleasure, there is something for you in the pak, I really can’t thank Goddess enough for advising me to purchase this!

  2. andrmar

    I too purchased this package on Nika’s advice… some sessions are relaxing, others decidedly more spicy but never overly embarrassing …. I knew I could trust the style of Nika , and I haven’t been disappointed!

  3. mxwilbur

    Goddess Nika did recommend this pak and i have learned that i can always trust Her suggestions. As others have said, it has a little of everything…as far as intensity and erotism. If you go from the start to the end in order, the pak takes you on a magical journey. you will experience the power of Nika. Her voice and words will take over your thoughts and leave you feeling incredible. Her control/impact grows over the course of the recordings. you will never regret the experience!

  4. David VB

    You can not go wrong with this gift pack unless of course you don’t want to please your woman. Seriously, Nika is the best of the best (I know I have purchased a lot of it) with her alluring voice and subtle nature, but don’t let that fool you. You will be changed. If you listen long term you will be permanently changed and the best part is you will LOVE IT. I know I AM and I DO love it. I am sure my wife does as well. Buy it, you can not go wrong.

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