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This is a special session designed to encourage you to think of me when you are masturbating,  Now I can’t think of a better reason for you to Masturbate then that!

* A special thank you to HypnoCarshy for writing and sharing this awesome session with us.


1 review for Think Of Me – Ava Longhard

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This is a HEAVY session and would be relegated to the category of what Nikki Fatale called her “underground” sessions, where mention of other hypnotists you may be working with is verboten, and simply not made. This is because these trances are VERY “Nikki specific”, which I absolutely love experiencing from a dominant female hypnotist: I love seeing her express HER hypnotic/erotic desires and acting them out on you, one-on-one. I just KNOW this has to turn a dominant female hypnotist on to no end.

    You, of course, are at an extreme disadvantage in this contest of wills, because by the time Ava goes to reformat your sexuality to make her the absolute central object of your lust, you are very, very deeply hypnotized and doting on her every lovely word. Wow. So diabolical, so ballsy, so HOT!!!

    This is Ava Longhard specific. Very specific, and very powerful in the way in which she delightfully hijacks your mind to make her the central figure of your erotic focus – and not JUST for the duration of the session. For good. For keeps! Be forewarned!

    I remember waiting for the title of this session to be evident in the content. I began to think I was listening to the wrong session as I drifted deeper on a cloud of her voice. It just wasn’t time for her to work her magic yet. First, she has to have you hypnotically ensorcelled – which she does very nicely here., sneaking up on you. Most of the session is Ava taking you down deeper and deeper to make you VULNERBLE to the love-spell she intends to cast on you, making you her devoted, obsessed play toy.

    Ava makes stealthy, and sporadic references to your enjoyment of her voice and the hypnosis spell that she is casting on you while you feel like you are getting away with something naughty by masturbating to her delicately worded suggestions which seemed to me to indicate that she might turn a blind eye to what you are doing – which is masturbating TO HER. and doing EXACTLY what she wants you to do! She then very sneakily turns the tables on you, once you have put yourself in a sexually obedient trance by being aroused and masturbating for her. To her.
    This sexual activity on your part puts your entrancement on two different, independent levels in your mind, in addition to the powerful hypnotic trance she has put you in. NOW she goes to work on you, in earnest, WELL into the session. She takes your splayed open, blissed out, highly aroused mind, and has you imagining masturbating to her: her voice, her face, HER! Not just for the purposes of this session, no: she programs your open mind to permanently think of her any time that you masturbate. Wow. THAT’S female dominant hypnosis, of the ruthless, slash and burn school. Wonderful!

    Yes, I found this session to be outrageously invasive to my inner most sexual being. Yes, it is an audacious concept, expertly executed – and I highly recommend it, but with a caveat. This session is not, IMHO, for a newcomer or novice hypno-fetishist. This is heavy material, best suited for use if Ava is YOUR hypnotist. To me, this is a trance of deep and utter sexual devotion to her, and will deeply bind your libido to her, specifically. Heavy stuff, indeed.

    Me: I LOVED it, but I do feel I need to caution the listener that this is not your usual in-and-out trance session. Ava is playing for keeps, and wants you, lock, stock, and cock – heart and soul – and she will have her way with you and your mind if you allow her to take you, harvest you, and enthrall you with this session.

    Be prepared to dream of Ava and her soothing, hypnotic voice, as you stroke yourself to orgasm whenever you masturbate in the future and make room for her to be comfortable in your mind. She has decided to take up residence there, in the most erotic way possible.

    You will, of course, also find yourself addicted to wanting to experience more of her sessions, as this one will DEFINITELY “wow” you! It did me, and I never saw it coming. She doesn’t lay the brainwashing on you until you have been taken very deep and for some time, as she gently, stealthily, and very slowly turns the session more and more so that she is your central focus in every way.

    To a seasoned trancer, I imagine this to be what the Holy Grail might look like in the Fem/Domme hypnosis world. Definitely a “must do” trance for the true, seasoned aficionado.

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