Women In Heels – Ava Longhard

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Join Ava as she explores the power of high heels and how every dominant woman can use high heels to their power.

* A special thank you Carshy for sharing this session with us.


1 review for Women In Heels – Ava Longhard

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    I was very drawn to the premise of this session, as it simply sounded… HOT! The induction was VERY familiar to me, having listened to a number of Ava’s sessions, and was obviously prerecorded and dubbed in – which is fine by me, because it is a long, powerful induction with TONS of deepening – I LOVED it!

    The only thing I would like to have seen done a little differently is the actual meat and purported subject matter of this session – high heels. Ava capitalized on their importance in, and giving the effect of, dominance. I would love to have been hypnotically awash in hearing a woman’s description of all the ways high heels make her look surreally beautiful and sexy. The upswept pretty behind, the curve of her calves being accentuated, her mincing walk which looks both sensuous and sexy – and instinctively influences a male mind, subconsciously, that she is effectively “hobbled”, and is therefore easily captured. This introduces a theme that a Domme probably would like to gloss over, as it smacks of male dominance.

    All that being said, this was a hot session, very effective and takes you very, very deep.

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