Hypnotic Session Enhancer – Nika Rennault

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Nika Rennault delivers this session to help all listeners to experience a deeper and stronger reaction to the next hypnosis session they listen to. It is designed for you to listen at the same as you plan to listen to the other session.  This session does not wake you up.


13 reviews for Hypnotic Session Enhancer – Nika Rennault

  1. Shawn

    This is a must have! Goddess Nika’s soft and sultry voice drops me quick and deep, and helps supercharge the next session you listen to.

    Thank You Goddess Nika

  2. David

    This enhancer shortens the cycle usually associated with training sessions. You may have an immediate response to new sessions by playing the enhancement right before the session you are wanting to listen to. It puts you into a much deeper trance than would normally happen listening to a session alone. I highly recommend making this session a regular addition to your training on a daily basis.

  3. captainlovespandas

    Great Transition Session. Really good for when your about to listen to the next session after this. It really does a good job at making the following session more intense. This enhancer is really good for people who need that little extra time to get into the state of mind for a great session.

  4. Alan S.

    No question this does exactly what it claims. I have listened to mp3’s with and without and the experience using this mp3 first is one you have to try, to understand how well it works. I use it every time I listen and the combined effect when listening for the fourth or fifth time to the same mp3 is incredible. It is indeed a must.

  5. theys_jon (verified owner)

    I was very happy when I found this file. I had some trouble going under on previous files but throwing this before the others gets me prepared. I also feel it makes me more submissive to whatever I’m about to hear. I love Nikas cute and sexy voice. Well worth purchasing.

  6. jacobperez1

    This is mini induction. Its designed to do as it says enhance your experiences with other files. This file gets your cravings for hypnosis and imagination primed to so that the next file you choose has greater impact. Anyone wishing for there sessions to be longer or to go deeper easier will definitely enjoy this file.

  7. Chaz

    I had the luck that this session was included with another purchase i made.

    While all other sessions are great on their own, this session can help by increasing the length of the induction. I think it is another masterpiece. Especially on days where you find it hard to relax, the extra 24 min. can help you coming in a very relaxed state.

  8. dawningfreq

    This does so much more than just intensify your hypnotic sessions, although it works wonders for that. Her soft, sensual voice coaxes you to truly accept your Goddess, and let her become your world. I particularly like the open style of questions she weaves into her suggestions, providing space in your subconscious for the magic to happen : )

  9. David VB

    Enhancer is an understatement!!! I wish I could put this in front of every single session every time. This is the first session I ever purchased of Nika’s and I used it on many sessions from other hypnotists. It was so powerful that it drew me back to Nika and then to practically all of her sessions. While it comes free with a lot of them, make sure you have it and use it regularly. USE THIS you will not be sorry.

  10. Matthew Shell Bassett

    I love this hypnosis so much!

  11. laethir

    This is one of the files one can listen to over and over again. It seems its effect only grows. Lady Nika knows just the right words to say to make me want to fall so deep for her. It starts innocuously but soon turns quite seductive and she works her magic : ) Listening to it in a loop is a pleasurable experience too.

  12. rob

    the more I listen to Nika’s sessions the more utterly mesmerised by her voice I become, I hang on every syllable, even the sound of her lips.
    She changes from pure innocence to sheer seduction that takes me so deep i never want to leave, this is a must have in your collection, it will enhance any other sessions and it never fails to get me, its like the first time every time, pure bliss, sooo deep, sooo aroused

  13. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This session starts out harmlessly enough, with a long, quasi-hypnotic talk-up on what Nika wants you to understand about the purpose of this session. Interspersed throughout the talk up, and always growing more intense as the session progresses, are induction segments that eventually take over, driving you down into a deep trance that you had forgotten was waiting for you.

    Nika doesn’t really put you under deeply until very late in the session, then she immediately releases you to transition, still deeply hypnotized, directly into your next session – which she has had you queue up before beginning this session – so that you only need to hit “Play” – and off you go! Very effective, and the following session’s induction only serves to drive you deeper into trance.

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