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Finally, you have the chance to be trained by the most loving and adoring Mistress there is.  If that’s what you want then sign up here.  This will be a weekly subscription.


Finally, you have the chance to be trained by the most loving and adoring Mistress there is.  If that’s what you want then sign up here.  This will be a weekly subscription.  This versionincludes a $5.00 bonus tip for Nika.

2 reviews for Nika’s Next Step Training

  1. Laethir (verified owner)

    I have been part of Goddess Nika’s Next Steps training for a while now. It has been a pleasant and interesting experience.

    Recently I also had a text chat with Goddess Nika, which was a pleasant conversation and personal interaction with her. I really like personal interaction with the hypnotist I am listening to. I think it enhances the listening experience, when you know, that you interacted with that person, who is now speaking to you through the recording. To know, that this voice belongs to a real person, with real intention to make you drop deep for her.

    Also I liked the challenge the next steps training members were told to complete and that it was randomized, what kind of challenge you got. I am looking forward to the next challenge, even if it might be a more difficult one. There is no need to hesitate, because the challenges. Goddess Nika totally keeps things realistic and urges you to apply common sense, when trying to comply with any challenge or task. This allows her subscribers to trust in her more and give up control.

    Part of this training is that personal interaction with Goddess Nika, which I think is one of the most important aspect of the Next Steps training and which is not so easy to come by with many other offers one can find.

    Aside from that, one is also given access to some of Goddess Nika’s recordings, to train with, which should be great for anyone, who just discovers her recordings or listening to hypnosis. You will have some guidance, what to listen to as well.
    About Goddess Nika’s recordings: When her voice gets very soft and possibly seductive, I especially enjoy listening to them. It melts away any tension and resistance. Giving in to that makes me feel relaxed and obedient, ready to take in more of her words. The women pleaser series is a useful series of recordings to listen to.

    A few technical challenges came up with the technical organization of the training, but those were ultimately dealt with in an open and transparent way by the Hypnofantasy team, to ensure, that the training goes on smoothly.

    It is definitely worth it to try Goddess Nika’s Next Steps training, if you prefer an approachable hypnotic goddess with a wonderful voice to take over.

  2. Casper (verified owner)

    The first review here is very accurate and far outshines anything I could write. I just started myself and have been going for a week now. You get what you give. In the end you end up a better person than before. There’s definitely some hot stuff too, but it’s not unreasonable either. I’d say give it a go, it’s definitely worth a try.

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