Woman Pleaser 2 (Spirit) – Nika Rennault

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Adjust your identity. Increase your desire for women, and go further into the proper mindset of pleasing and serving.

This session comes after The Challenge (Woman Pleaser #1), once you’re certain that you do want to become more submissive and obedient.

1 review for Woman Pleaser 2 (Spirit) – Nika Rennault

  1. David VB

    It takes a strong man to decide to serve and obey. Are you strong enough to please your women? I was not before I started and with Nika’s help I am proud to say I am there and more importantly I WANT TO STAY THERE. Your desire will intensify unimaginably. #2 in the series builds on be bedrock of #1. Believe me this is one house you will want to build forever. BUY THIS that is if you have the balls to follow through. I did and I am proud of it. Thanks Nika!

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