Woman Pleaser 4 (Completion) – Nika Rennault

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Extend your submission and obedience even more. And more. Until it’s complete, absolute, and automatic, to the point where you don’t even consciously realize you’re obeying, pleasing, and serving, while doing so.

This session adds additional ‘hooks’ into your personality, in order to strengthen and solidify all of these impulsive behaviors that you love so much.

This session comes after Behavior and Communication (Woman Pleaser #3), and is the final session in the Woman Pleaser series. Listen to it once you feel like you understand women sufficiently to know their true desires for you.

2 reviews for Woman Pleaser 4 (Completion) – Nika Rennault

  1. David VB

    You have got to use this session to cement the previous ones. You will be changed for the better and with repeated use you will be permanently improved. I will not give things away other than to say that this session ties your needs to your woman’s needs making you both benefit greatly. Nika I can not thank you enough. You ROCK girl. The way you have drawn me into this with your sweet seductive yet none threatening manners make this powerful. The way you know to keep us focused on females that mean the most to us is awesome. THANK YOU. Don’t be an idiot, BUY THIS AND USE IT OFTEN, you will not be sorry, and neither will your woman.

  2. rob (verified owner)

    They say be careful what you wish for, you know you crave submission, that’s why you are here, and this session delivers like no other!
    The skill in which Nika’s suggestions are planted deep within you will leave you at her and any dominant woman’s mercy, for real.
    Nika will play with your mind and expand on the seeds planted in the earlier sessions to the point that you WILL crave to submit, you simply have no choice, because its your subconscious driving your desire, are your thoughts even your own any more?, after this session you will find this question on your mind constantly, I wake everyday and cant stop thinking about how horny Nika has made me, i can feel her suggestions and control changing my interactions on a deep level, her final instruction has me at her mercy, the pleasure that brings only deepens as you accept the truth of hypnotic control.
    Does hypnosis work? listen to this session to find out, but know that if submission is a part of you , there is no escape, your body is controlled by your subconscious, and after completing this series your subconscious is controlled by Nika, it is perfection. thank you.

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