Fascination – Kismet


“Fascination” is the title of our latest video and with Ally around, fascination is exactly what you’ll feel. Just try to look away, as she raises her hands before you, captivating your mind with her enchanting movements. Ally knows how much you long to sleep, how much you need her voice, her power, guiding your mind into slumber. She loves taking control and she isn’t about to hide her enjoyment.

This one-on-one should appeal to anyone who loves to be enchanted, and especially those that like hand gestures and spirals. Ally, has a very commanding approach with a strong hint of evil brat thrown-in for good measure. You’ll be delighted by her eyes, her smile and her attitude. If you love seeing a very sensual young woman, revel in her control over your mind, then we think you’ll fall in love with Ally!


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Length: 27:00 Minutes | Format: Windows Media Video | Download Size: 336MB (File is Zipped)

This video will play on both PC and Mac with the Windows Media Player or the FREE VLC Player.


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