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Mercedes is back and she’s brought her pendant with her. She dangles the sparkling orb before your eyes and you are inexorably drawn into her world. Her soft, confident voice, will relax your mind and body into a blissful cloud. This is a lady you want to follow and obey. Would you have it any other way? Once you’re under she shows you her new toy, a magic remote control. With it, she can easily control what you do, say and think. She guides you with some fun suggestion, the kind which you’ve come to expect from Kismetvideo.

This one will appeal to anyone who has enjoyed Mercedes work in the past. Since our previous video was so heavy on the induction, we have put more suggestions into this one. Not that you’ll feel slighted by the induction, but we always like to give a clear picture of what you can expect.

To fill this out, we have included a very special bonus and something we know you’ll enjoy. Our make-up girl, Ashley, became very fascinated by hypnosis and asked our gorgeous enchantress to mesmerize her. Needless to say, she was putty in Mercedes hands. What you’ll see is about eight minutes of an eye-fixation induction, followed by some suggestions which mirror the larger, solo video. She uses the magic remote on Ashley too, and you’ll see how effective it was.


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Length: 45:00 Minutes | Format: Windows Media Video | Download Size: 556MB (File is Zipped)

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