Woman Pleaser Sexperience Bundle – Nika Rennault


This bundle includes the following 5 sessions

Hypnotic Enhancer (18:54)
Nika Rennault delivers this session to help all listeners to experience a deeper and stronger reaction to the next hypnosis session they listen to. It is designed for you to listen at the same as you plan to listen to the other session.  This session does not wake you up.

Woman Pleaser 1 The Challenge (31:16)
Be guided through a deep exploration of your attitudes towards women. Go deeper than you’ve ever gone before, and challenge yourself to not feel good, and experience a profound need to please and serve women. This allows you to test your limits, ensure that you want this, and help you understand yourself more.

Woman Pleaser 2 Spirit (33:40)
Adjust your identity. Increase your desire for women, and go further into the proper mindset of pleasing and serving. This session comes after The Challenge (Woman Pleaser #1), once you’re certain that you do want to become more submissive and obedient.

Woman Pleaser 3 Behaviour and Analog Communication (28:28)
Express your desires… by action, and gain the ability to feel whether what you’re doing is right and good for the woman you’re submitting to. This session comes after Identity Core (Woman Pleaser #2), once your desire is at a level that’s just slightly overwhelming for you.

Woman Pleaser 4 Completion (39:27)
Extend your submission and obedience even more. And more. Until it’s complete, absolute, and automatic, to the point where you don’t even consciously realize you’re obeying, pleasing, and serving, while doing so. This session adds additional ‘hooks’ into your personality, in order to strengthen and solidify all of these impulsive behaviors that you love so much. This session comes after Behavior and Communication (Woman Pleaser #3), and is the final session in the Woman Pleaser series. Listen to it once you feel like you understand women sufficiently to know their true desires for you.


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