The Woman in the Mirror – Kismet


This is our first KismetVideo project since Feburary! Wow, the time really got away from us. We are pleased to bring you a brand new hypnotist, the lovely, Roxanne. People ask me all the time if our ladies are actually into hypnosis, and in this case I can answer yes. Roxanne, has a background in hypnosis, energy work, and, most fascinating of all, she actually does deep eye-gazing techniques. You’ll be able to tell that right away when you become captured by her intense and unwavering stare.

She is easily the most dramatic hypnotist we’ve had since, Tiffany Price.

Lately we have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on adding dance and hand movements to our videos and this one takes that idea to the limit. Her body moves and undulates throughout the entire video, her hands beckon, fascinate and entice. Her voice is soft but amazingly powerful. It seeps into your mind and leads you toward obedience. You follow, without knowing exactly why… only that you must.

She is intense, exotic and theatrical and her suggestions will drain your mind intelligence, making you a silly, stupid, obedient fool. Leave your IQ at the door, and let Roxanne’s eyes, hands, and hips, take you under their sway.


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