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Sit back and relax while Nika delivers a wonderfully relaxing hypnotic experience.  If you are a fan of fractionation hypnosis you will love this session.  In the end, you will awaken fully programmed with a few playful triggers and an overwhelming desire to experience a live Nika Rennault Cuddle Time. This is a live text chat with Goddess Nika over Skype.  She must be familiar with you and you must be a good supporter of her sessions.  All you need to do is book your Cuddle time and the rest is a playful history.

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9 reviews for Cuddle Time Sexperience – Nika Rennault

  1. Patrick Mcgrail (verified owner)

    Goddess Nika has changed my life. I used to be pessimistic towards women but she has been my savior in believing in women again. She is beautiful, kind and patient. She is everything a Goddess should be. My quality of life is soaring because of her.

  2. Maddox (verified owner)

    I listened to this session 4 times and then had my cuddle time with Mistress Nika. She tested me over and over, and I was shocked how well the training worked. Mistress Nika played with me and gave me a complete mind fuck. At the end, I was rewarded handsomely. This is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. And one I want to go on again and again.

  3. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    Cuddle time is well worth the experience. A powerful session leaving you surprised and pleased once you have listened several times to the mp3 and then experience the real thing .It will have you wanting to go back for more and more one on one with Goddess Nika. Each time you listen to the mp3 you will need and want her words to take control of you on skype. Enjoy.

  4. Juho Muhonen (verified owner)

    If you like triggers and want to surrender this is for you.

  5. brian peticolas (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to it several times and wow! At least I think I have, I remember starting it and being in and out of trance several times and then she took me down one more time and I don’t remember anything until she woke me up. The only thing I do remember is that I want to hear her voice again and again.

  6. Chaz Logan (verified owner)

    Like any of Goddess Nika her sessions you quickly experience complete relaxation while being guided into a playground fully controlled by her. It’s wonderful!

  7. francis marsh (verified owner)

    Listening to Goddess’s Nika voice begins to entrance me a d yhr the count downs begin. As they progress I fall deeper and deeper with each with each count. The finger snap, after I am told to sleep deeply, sends a jolt thru me each time. I do sleep ever so deep, and then I do not remember. I awake and later feel compelled to listen again. In the later listening times I I learned about the triggers and their effect on me. I look forward to a cuddle text session with Goddess Nika

  8. Richard Hogan (verified owner)

    Hypnosis is concentrated focus, erotic hypnosis is directed focus with a purpose towards an imagined result, Nika uses her sensual voice to slowly relax and have one focus on understanding that a fantasy of Cuddle Time, something we all remember from pleasant memories, moments to share with someone special, possibly a way to prove servitude and an acceptance of being lead to pleasure. This file has moments of lost time and hints of a sexperience in ones future.

  9. Casper (verified owner)

    This is incredible. You don’t even need the enhancer for this one, if you loop it, it enhances itself. Everything in the session is like a hazy ride. I think I even fell asleep at some point, can’t remember when. Then I heard “wake up”, I had actually forgotten I was in a trance in the first place before she took me back down. And I haven’t even had the cuddle session yet. This one is powerful.

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