The Willpower Sexperience – Nika Rennault

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This is a session many have craved.  As Nika will share with you this session is a real “mind fuck”  for those who crave this idea.  In Willpower, Nika has a real challenge for you.  Let’s say she told you not to touch yourself and she was very clear in her order.  But then let’s say she hypnotized you into wanting to touch yourself.  Would you have the willpower to resist?  You know you want to, you know it feels so good to give up control.  But, will you?  This is one of those sessions where you win either way.  Where it’s fun to win and fun to lose.


9 reviews for The Willpower Sexperience – Nika Rennault

  1. Alan S.

    I had not listened to this session for a while and almost forgot how wonderful it was to give up control and allow Nika to open my mind and body to the pleasures of obedience and the results that come from it. Those who wish to have their senses enhanced while trying to resist will
    no doubt fall deeply under her spell and emerge feeling so much closer to their inner needs and wishes.

  2. jacobperez1

    Willpower is a game of tug of war. It uses designed to slowly erode your need to resist in order to get the pleasure and experience you can only get by letting go. The more you use it the more your need to resist becomes a need to let go and experience the pleasure after all the only one stopping you is you. Good conditioning file for those that want to learn to let go with a sexy twist.

  3. laethir

    Do not be fooled by any ideas about Nika being inexperienced. She is a Goddess and knows very well how to use her voice to slowly break your resistance. This recording demonstrates that. Resisting all the way to the end will be almost impossible. When you finally give in, you’ll love the feeling of “losing”, the feeling of her having broken your resistance and realizing the effect Nika’s voice has. The concept of her first telling you not to touch yourself and then seducing your mind to give in is used to great effect. There is no way out, she is going to get what she wants.

  4. Tom

    I love the feeling of trying to resist knowing that I cannot. Nika captures my mind and has her way every time of energizing my libido. Is anybody alive out there? Yes. Again and again.

  5. David VB

    I have more willpower than anyone on the planet! Or so I thought. Nika’s soft, alluring, and sensual voice will put you to the test. Try just Try to resist her I dare you. Better yet put the enhancer just ahead of this one. If you like the idea of being seduced, captured, caught while doing your best to resist, this is the session for you. I have been looping for over a month and it is still not getting old. You can not go wrong with this session. BUY IT I dare you.

  6. dawningfreq

    Mind blowing power in this one. Almost too intense to bear. I love the tension that is created, stretching you to your very limits. She asks you to resist, knowing that she is all powerful. That there is a inevitability to you giving in. But how will it happen for you? You’ll have to listen to find out…

  7. rob

    This session will drive you insane ( in a good way), it can be confusing but at some point it will hit you like a juggernaut.
    After a few listens it has affected me on a level that I’m still trying to come to terms with, I have never felt this way before.
    Imagine your entire body being in rapture while at the same time not being to do anything about it, a total loss of control, the ultimate tease and denial…it can leave you breathless and I imagine a gibbering wreck for some
    Nika seems so innocent, but the way she implants suggestions is so seductive, so clever, that it is impossible to resist., you may well find yourself compelled to doing things you would not normally do….
    think you can handle it????
    Go on, you know you want to…

  8. quipu_bre (verified owner)

    Like an ‘alpine climbing guide’ — in Willpower NIKA leads one thru a contemplation of arousal and pleasure through the agency of yielding control in ‘trance’ to her warm gentle guidance .
    Perhaps the most approachable Mistress Nika session but the ‘touching’ debate/dilemma is contrasted with the alternative of wonders by submitting psycho-sexually to a Mistress’s control.
    Stands many repetitions ..

  9. Davis

    What an intense experience! My willpower was certainly put to the test in this session, I was driven to the point of ecstatic pleasure then had it taken away! You will want to touch yourself, a lot, you will get aroused, a lot, you will want to obey Goddess Nika, and then it will take your pleasure and put it to the back of your mind! There is so much going on in the session, all you will want to do is listen, and be teased, then teased some more almost to the point of no return, and then have to stop! A great session for those with obedience at the forefront of their addiction to Goddess Nika. A MUST BUY file.

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