The Good Habit Sexperience – Nika Rennault

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Every good man deserves help in being better.  Help in doing in the right things and help in being more successful.  Well, that is exactly what the Good Habit Sexperience does.  This is a vanilla session but if you listen faithfully you will find that all the Good Habits you choose for yourself will come true.


4 reviews for The Good Habit Sexperience – Nika Rennault

  1. Alan S

    Bad habits can be hard to break, but good habits which give you a reward have a long lasting impact. This mp3, especially if you have listened to the enhanced session before it, will send tingles through your body each time you obey Nika’s instructions and you will want to listen to this mp3 more and more to strengthen the positive result. Enjoy. I know I do.

  2. jacobperez1

    This file is more on the self help side of hypnosis. It has you pick a habit you want to pick up, either something on the therapy side such as stop smoking, exercise more, etc to more erotic such as fall deeper into hypnosis or growing dedication to your mistress. what ever habit you want to get better at. Then helps trigger pleasurable feelings when you work towards your goal.
    With practice it give you gives you a little incentive and motivation to make you a better you.

  3. Chaz

    An interesting session which, besides relaxing you, also helps you in improving yourself.

    Everyone knows something that they should improve of themselves, and this session, without degrading you or pushing you, gives you the power to improve yourself because you want it yourself.

  4. andrmar

    This is the first mp3 of Nika i listened, and i liked it immediately! It’s relaxing and very helpful: in everyone’s life there are many aspects that can be improved …

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