Woman Pleaser 1 (The Challenge) – Nika Rennault

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Be guided through a deep exploration of your attitudes towards women. Go deeper than you’ve ever gone before, and challenge yourself to not feel good, and experience a profound need to please and serve women.

This allows you to test your limits, ensure that you want this, and help you understand yourself more.

8 reviews for Woman Pleaser 1 (The Challenge) – Nika Rennault

  1. theys_jon

    I will admit I was a little hesitant when I first picked up this file, I wasn’t sure if it was for me. After listening to it I cannot wait to hear it again. Our lovely Goddess pushes you deeper and deeper, each time explaining new rules about how you must treat women, putting them above yourself. I enjoyed the whole experience and cannot wait to continue with my training.

  2. Alan

    The start of a journey is always enticing. This session will induce you to continue on your voyage, each session leading you to more and more pleasure as you delve deeper into the control that Nika has over your passions and desires, obeying her just gets better and better , and don’t forget to listen to the enhanced session before, it simply heightens the experience.

  3. mxwilbur

    i was left craving to listen to this session again and again. Her voice is mesmerizing and so pleasurable. Each word was echoing in my mind. The desire to please Her and women is beautifully and powerfully opened in your mind. i didn’t know what to expect from this recording. i’m very glad that i listened and will continue the journey with the other Woman Pleasing recordings in the series. i am learning the pleasure of submission…and i like it.

  4. David VB

    I will CHALLENGE you to buy and listen to this. I did and will never be the same, and I don’t ever want to go back. It took balls to take this challenge, I did it for my woman, and I am proud to say that I have passed the challenge. It is your turn to be the man that you could be. Do you DARE? Nika will show you the way but ONLY if you want to be shown the way. I just can not say enough about how awesome this series is. This one is the bedrock for the rest. BUY THIS and find out if you want the solidity of bedrock under you feet. THANKS NIKA! Awesome. Truly AWESOME.

  5. dawningfreq

    Let go of your preconceptions. Look beyond your selfish need for gratification. Let her take the reigns, you know that’s what you really need. That’s why you’re on this site, reading this review, contemplating whether or not to accept the challenge. Yes, there are easier ways to get yourself off. But you’ll forget them in an instant, like you did all the rest. But this goes deeper. The more you give the greater your reward…

  6. jacobperez1 (verified owner)

    This file is more of an affirmation file, with hypnotic undertone. It challenges you to either wanting to give into the pleasurable feeling of pleasing women in your life or find out if not for you. It challenges your ideals of pleasing women without attacking your ego. Encouraging why and how you can please those women in our lives and receive a more fulfilling sense of accomplishment from doing so. Effect will vary but, if you follow and stick with the challenge you should find yourself in a state where pleasing women in your life is less inconvenient and more enjoyable for doing so. The only questions is are you willing to take the challenge and give a little of yourself in order to take pleasure from being a woman pleaser.

  7. laethir

    Before I first listened to it, I did not know whether I’d enjoy it or not. Some hypnotists might have a less gentle way to put their words in such a recording or it might be too absolute. I chose to trust lady Nika and did not regret it.
    The way lady Nika performs in this recording makes you really consider to be that obedient to women in general, for that pleasure caused by obeying. It is like she seduces you with her pleasurable voice to give in.

    Nevertheless, at the end the choice will be yours and lady Nika does not try to force something on you, that does not fit. You can accept her suggestions about pleasing women or decide that it is not for you. The choice being yours makes this also a good recording to listen to, when you are not agreeing with being that obedient to every woman. I tend to add limitations in thoughts, so that it only applies to women I’d not not want to obey.

    I like the suggestions at the end too and definitely enjoyed listening to this recording and if I were not such a pleaser already it would probably change my views or character profoundly.

  8. adam

    I was sceptikal at first, but this file is a great way to take that first step if you are the guy who finds it hard to truly please the women. You will be pushed to expand your comfort zone and do new things as your eagerness to continue training grows stronger!

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