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8 reviews for SoulMate Submission – Nika Rennault

  1. Alan Smith

    wow . I listened to this mp3 twice already and every time i awake I have a smile on my face, not quite sure why but if you listen to it you will probably understand. I will not say who i am thinking of, but i do get tingles all over my body wheni think of her name. For those who wish to be submissive to a wonderful person (well like Nika of course) you will truly appreciate this.

  2. Michael Hitchcock

    I am your!! I have no lady to please so I choose you Ms. Nika…

    Thank you for this recording it is amazing.

  3. Norm Scully

    I don’t know about you, but I love Nika’s voice. This session was no different. Nika’s voice just seems to capture me everytime. I was very surprised how deep I went or how great I felt at the end. Definitely worth the investment, but what of Nika’s isn’t??

  4. Terry Jeffords

    I did not think you could get any wiser, or kinder but you did it one more time Goddess Nika. A wonderful session that I will listen to many times for sure. I thank you, my lady thanks you, and I am sure many others will thank you too.

  5. Jake Peralty

    Yes Mistress.

    Thank you Mistress. I will obey Mistress. This was the most amazing gift Mistress.

  6. Barney Stinson

    This session surprised me. I went deeper than I normally do. It could be that I have not listened to Nika’s voice in a long time, or I found this session lined up with what I wanted to hear. If you have a partner in your life, whether you are submissive or not, you need to listen to Soulmate Submission. You will be glad you did.

    Thank you Goddess.

  7. David (verified owner)

    Great session for the guy who loves a special lady and want to make sure he always will. Any man that is focused on his only woman will love this! By the way, it takes a real man to do that!

  8. Andrea Marcato (verified owner)

    Voww… Maybe I’m a bit too submissive to my Lady, but.. I Like it 😇.. This session Will surely improve my relation with my soûlmate, but also my infatuation for nika ❤ !

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