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5 reviews for SoulMate Submission – Nika Rennault

  1. Alan Smith

    wow . I listened to this mp3 twice already and every time i awake I have a smile on my face, not quite sure why but if you listen to it you will probably understand. I will not say who i am thinking of, but i do get tingles all over my body wheni think of her name. For those who wish to be submissive to a wonderful person (well like Nika of course) you will truly appreciate this.

  2. Michael Hitchcock

    I am your!! I have no lady to please so I choose you Ms. Nika…

    Thank you for this recording it is amazing.

  3. Terry Jeffords

    I did not think you could get any wiser, or kinder but you did it one more time Goddess Nika. A wonderful session that I will listen to many times for sure. I thank you, my lady thanks you, and I am sure many others will thank you too.

  4. Jake Peralty

    Yes Mistress.

    Thank you Mistress. I will obey Mistress. This was the most amazing gift Mistress.

  5. Barney Stinson

    This session surprised me. I went deeper than I normally do. It could be that I have not listened to Nika’s voice in a long time, or I found this session lined up with what I wanted to hear. If you have a partner in your life, whether you are submissive or not, you need to listen to Soulmate Submission. You will be glad you did.

    Thank you Goddess.

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