Super Ego Boost – Anabelle Katz


If you love pleasure, you will love this session as you channel your inner superstar. This amazing session also uses a hypnotic trigger, which serves to enhance your experience and allow you to supercharge your ego long after the session ends.

Imagine being entwined with a beautiful red ribbon as you slip into a deep hypnotic trance, you won’t find this kind of hypnosis anywhere else. This session brings out your raw sexual power so that you ooze confidence and sexuality. This session will give you a very powerful presence, as you channel your passions and stand on the stage of your life. You also enjoy a sexy and sultry limo ride, which is of course filled with sexual intimacy and fantasy.

This session is unlike any ego boosting session you will ever experienced. Don’t miss this chance to see yourself as that incredibly successful person who exudes raw sexuality and confidence.



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