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In a recent survey of our members these sessions were voted as the Nikki favourites.

Because 1 – Obey (41:41)
What does it feel like to be deeply entranced? What does it feel like to fall so deep under hypnosis that you cannot think? What does it feel like to follow hypnotic suggestions, just because? Let Nikki show you exactly what that feels like for this forty-minute session. Allow Nikki to take you down deep into hypnosis and give you a little taste of the pleasure of mindless obedience. Get ready to make your first of what will certainly be many visits to Nikki’s “Playground.”

Control (44:25)
For many, perhaps the most arousing thing about erotic hypnosis is giving up complete control over to someone else. Falling under Nikki’s control can be very sexy and very arousing. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself deeply hypnotized and eager to obey as Nikki takes control of your mind and body. Prepare yourself for this intimate and interactive session inside Nikki’s Playground. Even after 45 minutes, you may find that you still long to experience even more of Nikki’s erotic and hypnotic control.

Falling Deeper (12:09)
This session is to help train your subconscious to fall fast and deep whenever listening to one of Nikki’s sessions that uses the trigger “Falling Deeper Now”. This is not a deep trance hypnosis session, all suggestions to relax have been excluded. It is meant to listen to while you are going about your daily activities.

Hypnotease Erotic Blowjob (50:03)
It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? A hypnotic blowjob? How could Nikki arrange such a thing? You will find out as you lose yourself in this interactive session. You can feel the hypnotic, seductive pull of Nikki’s voice as she creates the scene around you. Before you realize it, you will be experiencing the sexiest, hottest, hypnotic blowjob ever. This is one of Nikki’s most erotic and seductive sessions. D/s related but no need to feel submissive for this one. It works just as well for a Dominant man who would like to feel what it might be like to have a sexy little submissive slut on her knees pleasuring him. Graphic erotic content.

Satin Angels 1 – Fall Into the Fantasy (52:37)
First you want to listen to  “Fall into the Fantasy Satin Angels INTRO” as the first part of this series Satin Angels. It offers something special to anyone who wishes to experience complete hypnotic submission*… and not only to Nikki and Shiri, but to FemDom Hypnoerotica generally . For newcomers to their wonderful work, it offers nearly an hour of hypnotic conditioning using one of the few methods that has been shown in multiple, independent, peer-reviewed psychological studies to enhance significantly the hypnotic susceptibility of those who initially test as having low hypnotic susceptibility. For dedicated devotees their work, it offers reinforcement of the conditioning of the Because Series with some very nice twists.

Fall into the Fantasy starts with an introduction to the concept of the Satin Angels and ends leaving you with a choice to continue or not. Fair warning, once that decision is made there is NO going back…


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