The Chastity Sexperience – Simone Tulov

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Ever wonder if you have the strength to resist?  Well, with the Chastity Sexperience, Simone is going to put you to the test. She will take away your ability to orgasm and you will have no choice but to obey.  Don’t worry she will give you the choice to getting it back but you got to know if you listen again its power will get stronger and her control will be undeniable.

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2 reviews for The Chastity Sexperience – Simone Tulov

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    peterweiss1968 (verified owner)

    Very very powerful.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    Responsible too, with safety net (if one wants to use it, what may (voluntary) take time after this powerful hypnosis).
    Congratulations to this masterpiece.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This session is a playful curse file, it is designed to make you submissive, obedient and compliant in all ways, you will then be given a very simple suggestion hooked into that core part of your personality which will make you unable and unwilling to have orgasms, you will still get horny and your body will work just fine however you will be unable to come and all your feelings will be directed towards me. Being controlled, being submissive that’s what you’re here for, to be dominated in the very deepest parts of who you are.
    All your arousal fuelling your submission, your obedience, your love and devotion for training and for your trainer your mistress. You are not allowed nor able to come, no orgasms, the closer you are to orgasm the less you’re able to come, the more you desire for further training, your desire to submit and obey in my words grows and the more aroused you get wanting to achieve this sweet sweet release but it just never comes because the closer you are to climax the more and more impossible it becomes for you to come and the more impossible it is the more your arousal fuels your devotion, your loyalty, your need to submit to training and the more aroused you get by that idea, your sexual being, so you might in the future find it so easy, so easy to give in to all those feelings that you already have inside, deep, deep, deep in your body, in your genes to fuck, to experience pleasure beyond anything you could have ever imagined before knowing that you can never ever come again but what you get in return is so much better, it’s pure satisfaction, pure love, pure devotion, letting your body rest while all your emotions drive all that arousal, all that need and passion into obedience and into submission.
    To release yourself from this curse just tell yourself chastity release and you will be free and all the effects of this session will dissipate immediately, however should you chose to listen to this chastity scrip again it will have a stronger and much more powerful effect on you, of course you will always be able to turn it off by saying chastity release, every time you do the need to orgasm will get stronger and stronger and constant reminders that you need to orgasm will get louder and louder in your subconscious mind.
    Please can we have a temporary release trigger as well to save having to re-learn it all again?

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