The Chastity Sexperience – Simone Tulov

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Ever wonder if you have the strength to resist?  Well, with the Chastity Sexperience, Simone is going to put you to the test. She will take away your ability to orgasm and you will have no choice but to obey.  Don’t worry she will give you the choice to getting it back but you got to know if you listen again its power will get stronger and her control will be undeniable.


2 reviews for The Chastity Sexperience – Simone Tulov

  1. peterweiss1968 (verified owner)

    Very very powerful.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    Responsible too, with safety net (if one wants to use it, what may (voluntary) take time after this powerful hypnosis).
    Congratulations to this masterpiece.

  2. Kevin Park (verified owner)

    Is she still making files these days? If only there was one that made it harder to use the exit trigger

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