Mistress of the Dark (Sexual Transmutation) – Anabelle Katz


What it is you want, need or desire? Do you dare dream so big? What if you could use the power of your raw sexual energy to manifest your dreams and goals? What if I told you it’s possible?

Have you ever heard of sexual transmutation? The art of sexual transmutation allows you to use that nuclear power within you to achieve that which you desire. Sex is a sacred power and you can use it to enhance your life. Sex is also a sacred force and it is one of the most powerful desires of human nature. The transmutation of sexual energy is all about redirecting your sexual energy and focusing it on that which you desire.

Don’t miss this spectacular session and learn how to use the energy in your body – your sexual energy – to get anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. The more you listen – the stronger this power gets. Enjoy a beautiful cleansing of the energy of your body as well as you release stress and tension. This session is like no other you have ever experienced.