On the Brink of Sleep – Kismet


Make no mistake, Kayla-Jane, better known as, “The Danger Doll” is here to hypnotize. Don’t take my word for it, watch the preview, which you can download by clicking these links:  Kayla Preview  and Bonus Preview

This one is just packed with the things that hypno fans will love. This one is 25 straight minutes of  deep eye-gazing, finger snapping, hypno-gesturing goodness! Kayla is an intense hypnotist, but you can’t help but notice, how much fun she’s having. Her voice ranges from sweetly soft to strong and commanding, and you’ll be hanging on every word.

There is also a bonus video that is quite unique. I can’t say exactly how I came by this, but it was sent to me by some fans of KismetVideo who, using some of our scripts for inspiration, created their own footage. I used about half of the good stuff here and I’ll put more in a future video. These two girls have a lot of fun and we’re invited to the party. Plus, they tell me, they’ll be sending more! Do let me know what you think of it.


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