Enjoy Your Fleshlight Masturbation Toy – Ava Longhard


This is a very powerful erotic hypnosis training session for those who enjoy the pleasure of their fleshlight toy.  In this session you will be programmed to feel more pleasure, crave more pleasure and need more pleasure from your fleshlight toy.  Your imagination will also be programmed to be able to picture whoever it is you want to be with when you use your Fleshlight toy and you can even imagine how you will use them.  You will see them, sense them and feel them.

As an added bonus if you share your fleshlight toy playing fetish with a partner you will become more aroused and excited because you will feel their intimate pleasure on top of your own.  So be prepared to become a slave to your Fleshlight arousal as you give into the immense pleasure you feel the moment it hugs your “rock hard now” cock.

The more you listen, the better it gets… trust me on that one!



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