Intoxicated – Kismet


We don’t really know what to say about Mercedes. We don’t even know for sure if we should say anything. Maybe just a look at the preview is all that’s needed. We hate to be lazy, but in this case, there really isn’t ANY written description that quite captures her magic. You could you say that she has a voice like sweet-cream butter, or that her eyes can melt you with a glance. Charisma? This girl was double-dipped in that at birth! All of the component parts are fantastic, but when you add it all together, it creates a kind of indefinable presence that can only be called… hypnotic.

But you don’t need to take our word for it, check it out yourself. Click the preview link above.

This video has eyes and pendants and snapping galore. If you have enjoyed any of our previous one-on-one’s, we think this will play right along side the best of them.


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Length: 25:28 Minutes | Format: Windows Media Video | Download Size: 320MB (File is Zipped)

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