Oblivion – Kismet


The idea for, “Oblivion”, came from a posting in which the woman held a veil in place around her head in such a way as to reveal only her eyes. We thought the image was so striking that we knew we had to create something with that look. The veil not only creates an air of mystery, but it almost forces you into her eyes in a way that is very direct and very powerful. And trust us, when she begins to speak there isn’t anywhere else you’d rather be.

I don’t think we could have found a more beautiful or dramatic pair of eyes than Leyla’s. They are deep an dramatic, intense and fascinating, and the perfect compliment to her richly hypnotic voice. Why even bother resisting, just fall into her eyes and let her take you on a fun hypnotic journey. This one also contains some hand-gestures, snapping, and even a post-hypnotic-suggestion about her eyes that you will enjoy.


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