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We are very pleased to tell you that Ally is back for her second video! You’ll noticed there has been a small change… her hair is now a lovely auburn shade. What hasn’t changed is her approach to hypnosis. She’s just as confident, charismatic and controlling as before, if not more so. This woman loves enchanting you. When she says, “Hypnosis is fun…” you can’t help but believe her.

It begins with one of the best pocket watch inductions we’ve ever done, (a full, uncut nearly 7 minute induction) after which you should be quite deeply asleep. She follows that by deepening you with her signature “hypno-hands” gestures (this was hugely popular in her first video, “Fascination”). When you come-to, after nearly 17 minutes, you should be very relaxed and calm. It’s the perfect little hypnotic pick-me-up and it will definitely put a smile on your face. It focuses exclusively on the inductions and relaxation. Kinda of a shorter follow-up to our video, “Inductions”.

If you liked Ally in, “Fascination” the you should really love spending some more time with her in this latest project.

One production note: There was some kind of glitch on the video during the wake-up section and we could only use the audio. It doesn’t affect anything at all, it’s just that she will wake you up while your eyes are closed. I mention this for those of you familiar with the fact that you would normally see the hypnotist during this part.


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