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The Nikki Starter Giftset includes:

BECAUSE 1 – OBEY (41:41)
What does it feel like to be deeply entranced? What does it feel like to fall so deep under hypnosis that you cannot think? What does it feel like to follow hypnotic suggestions, just because? Let Nikki show you exactly what that feels like for this forty-minute session. Allow Nikki to take you down deep into hypnosis and give you a little taste of the pleasure of mindless obedience. Get ready to make your first of what will certainly be many visits to Nikki’s “Playground.”

Although this is a mandatory introduction for all good obedient subjects who want to continue to with the Just Because series, don’t expect Nikki to let you go without a fun little test of your obedience that will leave you wanting to come back again, just because.

ERECTION (30:44)
This session will quickly find its way into your daily hypnotic programming regime, assuming you wish to experience harder, larger, stronger, and more pleasurable erections. Nikki begins with a subtle, casual induction that will sneak up on you before you realize how deeply her words have taken you. Nikki gives you the opportunity to make some “adjustments” to the way your body experiences and proudly displays your arousal. The session includes a rather wicked ending that will leave you excited and anxious to relieve the pressure. This session has only a hint of D/s content.

This is a perfect session for either men or women who want help in the training of their subconscious to go quickly and deeply into euphoric hypnotic trance. What could be more irresistible than a sexy woman seducing you with her voice, and using a beautiful crystal pendant to mesmerize you? Nikki uses her abilities to help you condition your mind to focus and let go in order to enjoy more intense and enjoyable hypnotic experiences. You will come to crave the wonderful feeling of relaxing to Nikki’s seductive voice… and submitting to hypnosis with Nikki. Training with this session will prepare you to have more profound experiences with any other hypnosis sessions that you might listen to. D/s and graphic erotic content.

FOREPLAY (32:19)
Foreplay is a shorter, but very addictive piece of audio that seems designed for people who are relatively new to the erotic hypnosis scene. Foreplay does what the name implies. It lowers the participant’s inhibitions and builds arousal toward a state of mind in which he is better prepared for a more intimate experience. Yes, it’s about seduction. Nikki is VERY good at that. She is also very good at hypnosis. So be warned that this is a session that can sneak up on you. Be prepared to be thoroughly seduced by Nikki’s sensuous voice and engaging personality. What at first seems quite subtle gradually becomes irresistible.

This session also establishes a new post-hypnotic trigger that can be given to someone you trust to use if you want to experience the hypnotic effects in a RL relationship. While beginners will find this a very accessible introduction to erotic hypnosis mp3s, those of us who have listened to a lot of Nikki’s work, especially her brilliant Because series, can get much enjoyment out of it, too. It has the high technical quality we are used to, but also contains some of our favorite triggers, at particularly intense and wholly appropriate moments, to enhance our experience even more.

This session is to help train your subconscious to fall fast and deep whenever listening to one of Nikki’s sessions that uses the trigger “Falling Deeper Now”. This is not a deep trance hypnosis session, all suggestions to relax have been excluded. It is meant to listen to while you are going about your daily activities.

You may or may not need help with is obsession, but for those of you who want to feel what is like to be constantly obsessed with masturbation, this one is for YOU. A Hypnofantasy original written by Bob (this one would HAVE to be written by a man) and performed by Nikki. Get ready to FEEL the urge 24/7. Interaction REQUIRED, no D/s content.

REFRESH (33:14)
This session will take you VERY DEEP in the classic style of Because.  It allows you to REVive and REFresh any current Post Hypnotic Suggestions or Triggers that you wish to make stronger for YOU.  It is also a hypnotic conditioning file that will help you GO DEEPER with anyone you choose to trance with.

RENEW RED (33:12)
This session will take you VERY DEEP in the classic style of Because.  It allows you to REVive and REFresh any current Post Hypnotic Suggestions or Triggers that you wish to make stronger for YOU.  It is also a hypnotic conditioning file that will help you GO DEEPER with anyone you choose to trance with.

4 reviews for Nikki Starter Giftset – Nikki Fatale

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    For those of you who wish to see what it is to become hypnotized and controlled by a power, dominant woman look no further! This starter pack is great for anyone considering erotic hypnosis as it trains your subconscious mind to be completely aroused by Nikki’s irresistible , sensuous voice. I invite anyone who is interested in the intense pleasure that is possible with hypnosis to practice with these magnificent sessions and fall deeper into the blissful pleasure that you may not have known was possible!

  2. K P (verified owner)

    Nikki Fatale’s hypnosis is the bomb.

    Her hypnosis is real and her voice is really sexy!

    I’m glad to find a file that really makes me forget what happened! It’s something I crave and look for but rarely find.

    I’ve heard this file a few times because I always forget what happened.
    I’ve tried the because series before but I always forget what this session was like and try it again, and I like it.
    That’s just how good the hypnosis is though! She literally made me forget.

    her voice took me down, it was relaxing and I liked it.

    I also woke up really aroused, just like she said!

    Nikki Fatale’s hypnosis, voice, and words are the real thing! I’m impressed. Can’t wait to try more files!

    her voice is really so arousing.

    I think she’s one of the best, it makes me feel like she’s right there teasing me, and I find it satisfying.

  3. Shiftershifted (verified owner)

    With this pack you get SIX HOURS of trance at an amazing price! Seriously, if any of these titles pique your interest you should get this pack. You can consider the other files icing on the cake if you want, but the sessions compliment and amplify each other so well that you will be blown away by all of them. I would think that this pack is great no matter where you may be on your hypnotic journey and should be enjoyed by both those new to hypnosis as well as those who are more well versed. Falling Deeper in a wonderful short enhancer to deepen a trigger in most of the files and can be played before any or all of the rest.

    Because 1- Obey will allow you to release your control and enjoy every second it. Foreplay will show you that your previous definitions can be changed and expanded and be pleasurable every step of the way. Erection will excite you from your very depths so that excitement is evident. Erotic Crystal will weave its magic for your mind-blowing pleasure. Masturbation will have you addicted. Refresh will help you cull any triggers that no longer serve you and Renew will have you bolster and strengthen the ones that do. Put all these together and you will be transported to levels of excitement, arousal, and pleasure you never thought possible.

  4. K P (verified owner)

    Foreplay is a good hypno session, and a hot tease.

    It’s good one for getting relaxed too.

    Nikki’s voice is really hot and I like the sub/dom stuff in this one.

    At the end of the session they let you know you’ll be able to remember the session, which is nice too.

    They say it’s a good session for people new to hypnosis, and I think it’s pretty classic. It’s relisten toable.

    there’s not any stroking but there is some teasing.

    I think it’s her own words, not a script, so I like that too. She’s really hot.

    such a classic hynotist.

    I really liked the Erection session too, it has stroking but I resisted it and the session put me out it got me so relaxed, and I was really turned on at the same time.

    great sessions.

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