Oral Pleasure Giftset – Nikki Fatale


This Giftset includes the following session:

If you desire to love cocks, crave cocks and adore thinking about them then this session is for you.  What you will love the most is just hearing the word “Cock” and imagining what you are going to do next.  This session is gender neutral you just have to want to be an adoring fan of cocks!

This session is a creation designed for deep mental conditioning and thought modification to create a strong compulsion within you to provide oral gratification to women. The intense erotic imagery will have you on your knees, servicing the Lady of Your choice, and you will feel, smell, and taste her as though it were actually happening. The combination of Nikki’s seductive dialog, and the sneaky graphic subliminals will work together to effectively transform you into a hungry, devoted pussy slave. Nikki will put you in a highly aroused state that will compel your open obedient mind to accept all of her programming so that you will become obsessed with providing oral pleasure to your partners. To call this brainwashing or mind control does not do justice to how impactful this session is. It will change you and your cravings forever, and your partners will love the new you. So, lay back, relax, and INHALE, pussy slave. The fun is just beginning because Nikki may have other plans in store for you as well….can you say, “cock slave”? You know you want whatever Nikki wants, and teaching you to properly service her strap-on might just need to be the next step in your programming for oral service, slut. 

NOTE: Graphic sexual language and intense brainwashing


It’s not everyday that boys like you get a peek into such a special and private backroom session like this. Today however, is your lucky day as you get to experience this powerful and intense session. You will get to experience the power and the pleasure of worshipping at your Goddess’ Altar: her pussy. This session will take you very deep, and then will properly program your mind and body for worshiping her pussy. When Nikki is finished brainwashing you, you will find yourself craving to worship pussy like you never have before.


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