Dreamstate (Infinite Trance) – Nikki Fatale

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This session is suitable for both male or female subjects (or even someone in between). Go ahead and & try to tell yourself that a non explicit session can’t be intimate and erotic. This session is intended to do one thing…MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER… and you will. Nikki takes you on an erotic journey into her playground where you will help her take yourself into a mindless infinite trance state. Whatever you determine your pleasure to be, you WILL feel it.. you have no choice. It is your decision, go ahead… try and resist 😉 No graphic content, submission brings pleasure, tension relief, ease yourself to SLEEP… enjoy infinite trance. Running Time: 76:26

2 reviews for Dreamstate (Infinite Trance) – Nikki Fatale

  1. ebraun2013

    For me, this session is Nikki’s magnum opus. The only reason I do not listen to this one every time is that it is lengthy, and I don’t always have that much time. However, what is in this session is a sexual journey that has almost everything I want in an hypnosis session. There are opportunities for hands-free orgasm (which is a must for me; for my personal taste, I don’t want to waste my time with a session that doesn’t at least allow for this if not outright encouraging it). It also allows the listener to use their own imagination to conjure vivid sexual images once under the hypnosis. This session has given me probably the most intense pleasure out of any in my library. Outstanding.

  2. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This session instantly made my Top Five Favorites list, although – even after several listenings – I recall very little of it unless I am actually listening to it at the time, then I find some parts of it sounding familiar to me. Nikki gives you a lesson in exactly what hypnosis is and what she is doing with it – and with your mind – in pretty much all of her sessions. She is always very informative in all her work, answering questions that you have – or ones that you never thought of but find truly fascinating and important to know after she answers them.
    She always seems to know exactly what you are thinking and precisely how deep under her spell you are – that never fails to amaze me. How does she do it? She’s THAT good, that’s how!
    Nikki is a woman who knows full well exactly how her voice affects a man, and she makes full use of tone, volume and inflection to hijack a man’s mind into trance, while continually heightening his arousal with her sexy cooing. She also securely – and diabolically – ties your increasing sexual arousal to your trance state being deepened, taking the listener into a deep trance on a couple different levels – and insuring that you will sexually respond to just the sound of her voice in the future. You hear her voice and your subconscious, which appears to be totally in love with her, immediately begins to prepare your mind for trance and turning all your thinking over to her.
    Her soothing, ultra-sexy voice efficiently, irresistibly, and stealthily seduces her subject into trance effortlessly (on her part and yours), with her subject often not even aware that they are being taken down steadily into trance by her. It just happens.
    Unfortunately, I go very deep for her, and experience a great deal of amnesia, so giving real specific details of any given trance session is very difficult, if not nearly impossible, for me. The only alternative is for me in the future to TRY to skip the induction and listen to only the meat of the session (for the purposes of a review), but this presents two problems.
    One: I don’t want to know what she is doing to me, thereby ruining the “surprise”. The second problem with this is that the way she constructs her sessions, which repeatedly involve deepening and/or sequential entrancement(s) throughout the entire time with her, combined with the POWERFUL hypnotic effect of her voice, well: you get the idea.
    When Nikki starts to speak, even before you find yourself helpless and in her playground, she owns you. This session is no different. You can trust her 100% with your mind, and just… let… go, and let this consummate professional work her magic on you. Once this delightful professional hypnotist starts to speak, you are toast. Enjoy!

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