Dreamstate (Infinite Trance) – Nikki Fatale

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This session is suitable for both male or female subjects (or even someone in between). Go ahead and & try to tell yourself that a non explicit session can’t be intimate and erotic. This session is intended to do one thing…MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER… and you will. Nikki takes you on an erotic journey into her playground where you will help her take yourself into a mindless infinite trance state. Whatever you determine your pleasure to be, you WILL feel it.. you have no choice. It is your decision, go ahead… try and resist 😉 No graphic content, submission brings pleasure, tension relief, ease yourself to SLEEP… enjoy infinite trance. Running Time: 76:26

1 review for Dreamstate (Infinite Trance) – Nikki Fatale

  1. ebraun2013

    For me, this session is Nikki’s magnum opus. The only reason I do not listen to this one every time is that it is lengthy, and I don’t always have that much time. However, what is in this session is a sexual journey that has almost everything I want in an hypnosis session. There are opportunities for hands-free orgasm (which is a must for me; for my personal taste, I don’t want to waste my time with a session that doesn’t at least allow for this if not outright encouraging it). It also allows the listener to use their own imagination to conjure vivid sexual images once under the hypnosis. This session has given me probably the most intense pleasure out of any in my library. Outstanding.

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