The Mindshape Experience – Sydney Chalmer

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In the Mind Shaping Sexperience Sydney Chalmer`s only goal is to wreak playful havoc on your mind.  Once again you will experience some of her playful exercises first hand as she make her words your thoughts and you then realize how powerful that can be.  In the Mind Shaping Sexperience Sydney Chalmer will leave you with three maybe four post hypnotic suggestions that will remind you of the awesome control she has over you.  This is a erotic hypnosis session worth remembering if it wasn`t for one little thing;  everything she does and everything she says is wrapped up one final hypnotic suggestion. – BLANK!


1 review for The Mindshape Experience – Sydney Chalmer

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    I simply cannot believe that there aren’t a whole slew of mega-positive reviews here for this truly outstanding session. The long induction took me so, so very deep, and Sydney’s voice is a perfect transition for me to go from my main squeeze, Nikki Fatale, to a new hypnotist. Her voice is so comforting, soothing, seductive and loaded with a feeling of joy and happiness, that it is a pleasure to drop for her like a good boy.

    Now, here is the rub: I remember having a thought, several times, that this or that of her dialog deserved attention in my review here. No dice: the sexy litle minx decided to blank my mind at the end of this session, and I remember… absolutely nothing, whatsoever, of this session. ISexy, huh? *S*

    I would normally just go ahead and listen to it while I am out of trance, and base my review on that, but I can’t do that here. That is clearly NOT what my hypnotist, Sydney, wants – or she wouldn’t have blanked my mind in the first place. I trust my hypnotist completely. I obey my hypnotist – completely. There is nothing that I can’t do for my hypnotist. Therefor: I am going to have to let this review go at this:

    This session obviously had its desired effect on me and took me to the basement. Sydney, little girl’s voice and all, owned me in this session. I think I can promise you the same experience, one that you will want to repeat again and again before trying her other sessions. I am totally floored by what little I really know of this incredible hypnotic experience. Thank you with all my heart, Sydney!

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