Orgasmic Kiss – Sydney Chalmer

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Let our latest Meme, the Meme of Naughty and Nice take you on a surprise journey as she ponders on the question “What if”.  This is a cool ride with an awesome post hypnotic trigger for those who want to take the arousal home with them.  What makes this session so special is Sydney shared a lot about her favorite past time so you will get to know this Naughty Nice Meme very well!  Yes this is an authentic and true confession written by the Meme herself.  Like any good Meme now she wants to pass her sexy addiction on to you!


1 review for Orgasmic Kiss – Sydney Chalmer

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    I simply cannot believe that there isn’t a slew of 5-star ratings and reviews to match on this session. Sydney is absolutely adorable, lovable, honey-sweet voiced, and The Girl Next Door. But, like the fragrance from Kilian, she is a Good Girl Gone Bad. She DEFINITELY can hold her own in the arena of graphic sex talk and depiction. That “little girl’s” delightful, tinkling voice, which is very similar to aspects of Ms. Fatale’s, is deceptive – and you find that out in a totally raw and uninhibited performance here by Ms. Chalmers.

    Sydney is, IMHO, the standout active female hypnotist of this site and someone to definitely watch closely for new releases. This session immediately reignited my interest in her work after a long hiatus from H/F and trancing. She makes me lament what all I missed in the last 10 years…

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