Desire for Control – Sydney Chalmer

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With this session, here’s the question: Does the thought of a sexy, innocent, and playful woman taking control of you drive you more wild than the amount of pleasure she feels knowing that she has the control?

I suppose the answer really doesn’t matter since you both desire control and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Desire 4 Control. Lay back and get comfortable as you submit to the power of Sydney’s control, as she molds you and shapes you into the perfect hypnotic subject… one who craves the pleasure of pleasing all of the “special” ladies in your life.

1 review for Desire for Control – Sydney Chalmer

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    Sydney lays out what her HEAVY intentions are for your mind and attitude in the introduction to this session, but that voice starts you down the ladder even before she starts her induction. She makes a great case for doing the things and being the person that she gently persuades you to become.

    The induction is a little different that the standard classical one, but not exceedingly so. The trance is deep and, well; you’ll just have to find out for yourself what she does one she takes you downnnn. That’s because she blanks your mind, yet again, on this recording. That’s right: I caught you this time, you little minx.

    So: no spoilers here, but I can tell you firsthand that, if you are a Sydney Chalmers aficionado, then this session is absolutely a must for your library of her works. All I can tell you is that this borders on brainwashing/mind control, as she takes you very deep and then has her way with you after first giving you ample warning of what she is about to do – and even suggesting that, if it sounds too daunting, to try her other sessions first before contemplating returning to this one. I loved it!

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