Submission to Hypnosis 2 – Nikki Fatale

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Part 1 was intense and powerful. Part 2 will be change you even more. Listen at your own risk! Shiri’s script and Nikki’s vocals will take you on a roller coaster ride of hypnotic induction by placing you in various vivid scenes in which Shiri hypnotizes others, and then you. Shiri and Nikki will make you crave being hypnotized, make you crave being taken deeper and deeper by the powerful Hypno-Witch… or by ANYONE you know and trust. Explore the full extent of your submissive nature. Say goodbye to your ability to resist. This session uses Collaboration as a method of strengthening your subconscious mind to accept hypnosis. If you do not want to participate in the Collaboration scene (the age regression, party scene) there is a shorter version available. Strong D/s and erotic content. Confabulation methods used.

Running time 65:04

2 reviews for Submission to Hypnosis 2 – Nikki Fatale

  1. dazzerbb.76

    If anything this file was even better than the first, the style of this file was one of my favorites, regression as part of a scene is often one of my favorite ways to enter trance, or go deeper, which made this file even more enjoyable and easy to just relax and enjoy for me personally, at no point did I just feel the need to snap out like some other files iv tried.

  2. 30_30 (verified owner)

    I would describe this as a collaborative lucid dream if that makes any sense. Try it!

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