Hypnosis Hypnoslave – Ava Longhard

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Allow Ava’s soothing and seductive voice lead you down into a deep hypnotic trance where your desire for erotic hypnosis will be doubled and tripled.  You will hunger and crave for the idea of Mistress Ava hypnotizing you and you will allow yourself to drop quick and deep for her..

A special thank you to Hypnocarshy for writing and sharing this wonderful script.

1 review for Hypnosis Hypnoslave – Ava Longhard

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This session is an outstanding one, with a very long induction and LOTS of deepening: I love it! Just when you think she has taken you deep enough to satisfy her, she plunges you into another repetitive round of deepening that is very soothing, euphoria inducing, and effective.

    My first review of Ava’s work was for her “Think Of Me” session, where I relegated it to what would be what Nikki would call an “underground” session, meaning edgy, deep, and ultra-personal feeling. NOW I understand why that this is Ava’s style, as The Meme Of Edge Play” (as she says at the close of her session). ALL Ava’s work really digs deep into your mind and programs you to suit HER desires for the session’s effect on you. This is great stuff for the experienced trancer, but might be a little over the top for a newbie unless… Unless… they acquiesce and throw caution to the wind. It is all about trust, first and foremost, and – edgy and all – you can trust Ava. I say this after listening to four of her sessions. Deep, heavy, powerful, edgy and delicious! Buckle up and enjoy!

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