Submissive Pleasure – Nikki Fatale

Suggested Price: $24.95

In this session Nikki uses her skills of hypnotic persuasion to help you come to the realization that as a submissive male, you are presented with numerous opportunities every day to perform various simple acts of submission for women with whom you interact.

Your mind will be trained to recognize and act on these opportunities to satisfy your submissive urges. As you automatically perform these submissive tasks without conscious thought, you will find that your body has been programmed to experience a profound rush of arousal and pleasure as your head fills with erotic images and thoughts.

This session is perfect for men whose circumstances do not allow them to openly submit to a particular woman, and who would love to have avenues to experience the satisfaction and pleasure that result from secretly acting on their submissive cravings. Also, for men who are in a D/s relationship, this session will serve as supplemental training providing your Mistress approves of the content. (Intended for sexually submissive men – strong D/s theme with mild graphic erotic content).

Minimum Price: $7.95


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