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This erotic hypnosis session is about that “losing control” feeling like you having no choice but to obey and enjoy having no control. But you should know that you are always in control. You have free will and you make your own choice and so you are also free to make the choice of giving up control. The fun and pleasure and enjoyment comes from the experience. It’s nice to allow someone else to do the thinking for you, to control you. That’s what you want – to be controlled – to obey without question, without any thoughts to think. Thinking seems so very hard right now. Listening is easy, as my words are simple to follow, and it’s very easy to allow my words to sink so very deep into your mind and become your thoughts. It’s so easy to listen to the sound of my voice and obey my every words, relaxing more deeply now. It feels so good to let go, and it’s very easy to obey.

*A special thank you to HypnoCarshy for writing and sharing this wonderful session.


1 review for Lose Control – Ava Longhard

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This is another of Ava’s edgy sessions, which takes the average listener to pretty much the limit of what his subconscious will accept unless he/she is an experienced trancer.

    The induction is VERY familiar and may appear on other sessions that Ava has done – at least, the ones that I have listened to. If I am wrong about that, and I could be, it is only because I have chronic session amnesia problems, making reviewing REALLY difficult – I am listening to this session now, out of trance, as I write this, to compensate for the near total lack of memory of this – and all – her works.

    That is really not a problem for me, because I love the longggggg induction, with its many deepening segments. Very, very nice! She very sexily invades and hijacks your mind, making her words your thoughts, and taking you into a trance so deep that you are helpless to not listen and obey her in every way. Again: I have a deja vu with the induction, but am 100% ok with that, since the induction is perfectly scripted, spoken and executed.

    Unless I am confused between her sessions, this is the one with what sounds like a lot of disclaimers and what feels like backtracking on the suggestions that she has given you to lose control, instructing the listener repeatedly to understand that they DO have the power to disobey if the suggestions given by the woman cross the line into unsafe, untenable, or inappropriate suggestions or behavior. I already knew that, but I guess it was necessary for her to say – even though it was a little bit of a buzz kill to hear ANY limits being put on her suggestions. I am a somewhat hard core trancer, and LOVE the female hypnotist I am giving a listen to having free reign to really rape my mind and take me into (what were) verboten areas before (Ava) had her edgy little way with me.

    In short: I like Ava’s syrupy, femininely husky voice and her prowess and affinity for long, deep inductions. The subject matter du jour of the session is really just the icing on the cake after a STUPENDOUS induction that gives you everything you come here to H/F to experience. Very enjoyable, so ENJOY!

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