Lose Control – Ava Longhard


This erotic hypnosis session is about that “losing control” feeling like you having no choice but to obey and enjoy having no control. But you should know that you are always in control. You have free will and you make your own choice and so you are also free to make the choice of giving up control. The fun and pleasure and enjoyment comes from the experience. It’s nice to allow someone else to do the thinking for you, to control you. That’s what you want – to be controlled – to obey without question, without any thoughts to think. Thinking seems so very hard right now. Listening is easy, as my words are simple to follow, and it’s very easy to allow my words to sink so very deep into your mind and become your thoughts. It’s so easy to listen to the sound of my voice and obey my every words, relaxing more deeply now. It feels so good to let go, and it’s very easy to obey.

*A special thank you to HypnoCarshy for writing and sharing this wonderful session.



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