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This is Sydney’s first real intense training into programming the submissive mind.  She know the submissive mind often needs direction especially from a lady of power. The brain can get cluttered, confused and misdirected and without proper guidance it just may overload.  In this 60 minute session Sydney Chalmer helps to guide you into make great life choices for you and for your desire to please all the ladies in your life.  Consider this defrag for your brain.

There are definite submissive undertones throughout this session.

2 reviews for Mental Clarity – Sydney Chalmer

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    Oh my God! This session doesn’t say so in the description, but it definitely has very powerful elements of brainwashing and “mind control” in it. This is not for everybody, and Sydney gives you ample warning to that effect, even advising you that you might want to do some of her more “vanilla” (milder) sessions first, then come back. I dove in – and what a ride!

    After a flawless, very effective induction, Sydney lets you know that she is now going to take you very, very deep so that you will helplessly internalize her suggestions deep, deep within your mind.. Along the way, triggers are renewed and/or installed to make you helpless to not fall deep for her – now, and in the future. Then the real fun starts.

    Sydney sweetly, but ruthlessly, goes about making herself completely at home with tinkering heavily and deeply with your thought processes in order to make you a well behaved and proper submissive. How invasive and deep a brainwashing is this? Well, one hint: you won’t…

    No, I just can’t bring myself to tell you. Something is stopping me. Sydney’s desires and wishes are deep within my psyche now. and I am being directed .. guided… INSTRUCTED to not let on any more than I have by her voice which echos irresistibly in my head.

    There you have it: this is, to date, what I would call a tour de force by Ms. Chalmers. Bravo for this “underground” feeling powerful, powerful session. Undertake this when you are totally ready to trust Sydney 100% and allow her to have her sexy way with your mind, body and spirit!

  2. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    P.S. Post action report:
    I simply cannot say enough about the prowess Sydney showed at hypnotism – and brainwashing – in this somewhat deceptively packaged session, which is MUCH more powerful and invasive to your way of thinking than it lets on. She DOES warn you, in a vague, general sort of way, during the preamble to the induction that this WILL be a heavy session for you, and to think twice about doing it.

    This IS brainwashing, done sweetly and somewhat covertly. If you are addicted to brainwashing, as Nikki Fatale did to me, this is definitely your meat! If you don’t trust her yet, or have other reasons for not being able to let go completely and let Sydney think for you, then you probably should save this for later in your journey.

    I remember next to nothing of this session, but just barely enough so that I understood, or had a sneaking suspicion, of why I was so anxious to help my wife by sweeping the house for her this morning – and I HATE sweeping. I derived a curiously strange pleasure from doing that, and doing the dishes and kitchen for her, as well. I KNOW this is the result of some tinkering Ms. Chalmers did with my mind while she had me VERY deeply hypnotized, and I love it!

    What little memory I have of this session is when a D/s related suggestion was made that my subconscious balked at. I came up enough to make the decision to just go-ahead and listen anyway, since I wanted to drop back down deep immediately, if not sooner, and didn’t want to be disturbed by trying to think. Fatal error. She promptly harvested my mind and will like so much wheat and had her intensely feminine way with me.

    This session left me with a tremendous amount of respect – and awe – at Sydney’s abilities and unabashed fearlessness (and, yes: temerity) at how far she is willing to take a man that has acquiesced and followed her voice willingly into the deepest of programmable trances. If you are a seasoned, experienced, and fearless trancer, you will certainly love this one-hour session of absolute submission to Sydney (and other women),. She will blindside you with her melodious voice, and her diabolically sexy suggestions which she feeds to you so lovingly and sweetly that you just gobble them up with your thirsty-for-Sydney subconscious. She owns you now, and you WILL be back for more.

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