Masturbation Frenzy – Ava Longhard


The main purpose of FRENZY is to turn you into a masturbatory machine so you may experience the erotic sensations that cum with INTENSE TEASE & DENIAL.  This file is NOT about evil FemmeDomme humiliation for those looking for that kind of experience.  This file is not about giving ME the power to tell you when to cum.

What it will do is give YOU the POWER to bring yourself to a place that you may have not had the pleasure of experiencing before.  The pleasure of having EVERY inch of your skin so sensitive that even the slightest touch creates arousal.  You decide how long you will deny yourself and “delay” your gratification.  This files gives you the willpower to go further.. and further..

You will be given a word that can be self-triggered or given to a partner.

** this session has a lot of submissive overtones.



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