Erotic Hypnotic Playtoy – Sydney Chalmer

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In this erotic hypnosis session Sydney will strengthen her control over you while she also introduces a new playful trigger that will absolutely change the way you listen to any of her sessions in the future (new or old). This session is definitely for those who trust this meme of naughty and nice and are willing to open their mind totally to her playful mischievous ways.


1 review for Erotic Hypnotic Playtoy – Sydney Chalmer

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This session once again left me with a blank mind and very few memories of anything, and nothing beyond most of the induction. Since i assume it is Sydney’s wish that i have no recall, i will not listen out-of-trance to this in order to review it. Instead, i will give you a more visceral depiction of what i experienced, which is one of the very best trances i have ever had the pleasure to fall prey to!

    This session was a good mate to Playful Mind, with a feeling of similarity. i believe i recall Sydney using those irresistible whispers of Her’s to drive Her prey really, really deep into trance. in both sessions – and i LOVED it! i noticed that whatever She whispers to you seems to immediately find its mark deep within your psyche. You can feel them “land” there as they drift deep into your unguarded mind and dictate that you WILL listen and respond to them, immediately. Simply awesome.. i didn’t get to think about these… suggestions(?) … at all, they just embedded themselves in my mind, euphorically and erotically finding their appropriate place deep into the heart of my thought mechanism(s). Were they something more than suggestions, like commands or instructions? i.. just… don’t… recall. Incredible. I know She has programmed me with this session, and Playful Mind, to adjust my thought processes to better suit Her desires – i just don’t know what, exactly, She did.

    i found myself roused by a suggestion i do not recall and that my mind balked at, but Sydney used Her sweet voice‚Äč to calm me, and much like a vampiress mesmerizing Her prey to immobilize them so that She can feed, Sydney swooped in hypnotically and seduced me into returning to deep trance and assimilating Her words and instructions. I felt totally owned by Her. Seduced is a better word. It’s painless. It’s delightful. It’s like the euphoria that comes over a vampire’s victim as they give in and just surrender to their tormentor, fall into their eyes, and allow themselves to be deeply hypnotized and taken in any way the vampiress desires. Sydney does all of that, and feeds on your helplessness and blind, reflexive obedience to Her. You will willingly allow Her to do this, and anything else that She wants to do, basking in the euphoria that this vampiress uses to induce you to listen, follow, and OBEY without thought, resistance, or hesitation. She will own you after these two POWERFUL and exquisitely performed sessions.

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