Hypnotic Anticipation – Sydney Chalmer

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Have you ever considered what a powerful aphrodisiac ANTICIPATION can be?  Never knowing where you are going and why. If that idea excites you then join Sydney Chalmer as she takes you on a SURPRISE journey to a place far away.  She would tell you more but then she wouldn’t leave you in ANTICIPATION, would she?

If you liked Hypnotic Bind and Naughty Place then you may just find this session amazing! That’s all the clues you get!

NOTE: You should be familiar with Sydney’s tiggers to appreciate the full effects in this session.

1 review for Hypnotic Anticipation – Sydney Chalmer

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    There will be no spoilers here.

    This session grabbed me from the very beginning, with a very short intro before Sydney reaches into her bag of tricks. She gently taunts you a couple times before starting you in earnest down the ladder into trance in this truly OUTSTANDING induction.

    For me, so much of what I get out of a session ((is)) the induction. That erotically charged process of being seduced, rendered weak and passive, and having a sweet-voiced woman like Sydney move into your mind as she gently pushes out your consciousness is what it is all about, IMHO. Sydney does that masterfully on this MP3.

    Sydney grows increasingly aggressive with taking you as she warbles sweetly into your ear. She spends a very nice amount of time on “hypnotizing” (suggesting) you to make her – and everything about her – central to your thoughts, and the only thoughts that she will allow you to have occupying your mind. at all unless you would prefer to be blank: she basically gives you that option. Diabolically sexy – and it only gets better from there!

    On a side note, I find transitioning from Nikki to Sydney to be seamless and with little or no need of a “break in” period of developing rapport since the voice(s) and style(s) are very similar. Sydney is a bit more sexually direct, I believe – at least that is the “feel” I get from her.
    She is definitely not afraid of it.

    Anyway, you feel that you already know her – and love her! For me, as a hard-core Nikki aficionado, switching to Sydney’s wonderfully large body of work was totally painless and natural. I’m home. Enjoy! I did!

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