Simply RED – Kismet


We’ve had blonde and brunettes, but never before have we had a stunning red-haired hypnotist. So we present to you… Ali. This incredibly lovable and natural raven-haired beauty, will have you under her spell in no time at all. She’s very playful and her voice has a bit of a rough edge which I happen to really enjoy.

The theme of her video is, focus. What you focus on, is what will be. She starts with a 7 minute pendant-based induction and follows that with a deepening which will let you focus on her eyes. After that she takes you through a couple of  fun, focused suggestions before awakening you with good positive reinforcement.

While all the technical things you expect from a KismetVideo (sound, lighting, etc…) are present, the suggestion portion of this project is a bit shorter than normal. We had originally planned for a suggestion that, when we looked at it later, just didn’t seem to work the way we intended. Rather that leave in something we didn’t feel was a perfect as we could make it,  we cut the scene and we’ll retool the idea for a future video. For that reason, we are offering this one-on-one video for a slightly reduced price.


File Details

Length: 20:43 Minutes | Format: Windows Media Video | Download Size:  223 MB (The File is Zipped)

This video will play on both PC and Mac with the Windows Media Player or the FREE VLC Player.


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