Hypnotic Interlude – Kismet


We are pleased to present our latest hypnotist. Her name is Regan, and she both exotic and unique. This latest one-on-one video is 24 minutes long, and if I had to classify it, I’d say it much more “journey” than “destination” as the various inductions (pendant and eyes) comprise almost two thirds of the video.  This will give you ample time to descend into Regan’s lush and velvety voice. It’s really quite enveloping.

It all begins with a pendant induction and then moves to a eye-focus depening. It does finish with some fun suggestions, much in the tradition of past Kismet one-on-one’s and if you like that style, we’re sure you’ll like this as well.  One other quick note, I am particularly pleased with the sound of this video, I think we are definitely getting better at that aspect of production and since Regan has such a wonderful voice, I’m happy that we were able to do it some justice.


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