Programmed – Kismet


Mercedes is back for another round of bewitching your mind and she has never been more beautiful or alluring.

Is it her eyes that cast such a powerful spell? Perhaps it’s her silky voice that holds you spellbound? Maybe it’s just her confident presence, that makes your surrender inevitable. All I know is, once she starts talking, good luck tearing your eyes away from her. She’ll have you pleasantly “tranced-out” in no time at all.

This video has plenty of eye-gazing, snapping and an actual pocket watch for you to follow. At the end you will be given a very interesting post-hypnotic suggestion. You will be programed by Mercedes to do one simple action for an entire week. We can’t tell you what it is, that would spoil it, but we can say, it’s something rather fun and unique. It wont interfere with your day (it only takes a second) and don’t worry… you wont be dropping your trousers and doing a striptease at the office, it’s rather more subtle than that. It’s a suggestion that anyone can follow, and you can be anywhere, doing almost anything when the suggestion kicks-in, but only you will know it, even if you are in a crowd of people. It will be a powerful reminder that she is still inside your mind.


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Length: 29:50 Minutes | Format: Windows Media Video | Download Size: 299MB (File is Zipped)

This video will play on both PC and Mac with the Windows Media Player or the FREE VLC Player.


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