Nikki Basics Pak – Nikki Fatale

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This is a special starter kit made available at a discounted price for Naughty List members.

Kit includes:

Because 1 – Obey (41:41)
What does it feel like to be deeply entranced? What does it feel like to fall so deep under hypnosis that you cannot think? What does it feel like to follow hypnotic suggestions, just because? Let Nikki show you exactly what that feels like for this forty-minute session. Allow Nikki to take you down deep into hypnosis and give you a little taste of the pleasure of mindless obedience. Get ready to make your first of what will certainly be many visits to Nikki’s “Playground.”  Although this is a mandatory introduction for all good obedient subjects who want to continue to with the Just Because series, don’t expect Nikki to let you go without a fun little test of your obedience that will leave you wanting to come back again, just because.

Because 2 – Surrender (68:45)
Coming back so soon to Nikki’s Playground? You couldn’t stay away now could you? You’re ready now to fall down even deeper, this time surrendering completely to the power of Nikki’s hypnotic words for a little bit over an hour. Doesn’t that sound nice? You’ve already experienced the pleasure of obeying Nikki’s words, so why not just surrender to them; you know you’re going to enjoy it.

Control (44:25)
For many, perhaps the most arousing thing about erotic hypnosis is giving up complete control over to someone else. Falling under Nikki’s control can be very sexy and very arousing. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself deeply hypnotized and eager to obey as Nikki takes control of your mind and body. Prepare yourself for this intimate and interactive session inside Nikki’s Playground. Even after 45 minutes, you may find that you still long to experience even more of Nikki’s erotic and hypnotic control. Before listening to this session, listeners should be familiar with either the Just Because or the Satin Angel series. This session uses the triggers learned from those series over and over to help take you even deeper.

Submission to Hypnosis (40:53)
Shiri and Nikki’s goal: create a session which will addict you to, and help your subconscious mind be extremely open to, hypnosis. If you don’t want this to happen, try something else! But if you are ready, and if you DO want this to happen, then listen soon and often. This session will take you deep, and make you want to stay there forever. And if you MUST leave, you will want to come back again and again. You will not be able to resist a hypnotist from now on, and you will quickly become a “hypno-junkie”. Strong D/s and erotic content.

Erection (30:44)
This session will quickly find its way into your daily hypnotic programming regime, assuming you wish to experience harder, larger, stronger, and more pleasurable erections. Nikki begins with a subtle, casual induction that will sneak up on you before you realize how deeply her words have taken you. Nikki gives you the opportunity to make some “adjustments” to the way your body experiences and proudly displays your arousal. The session includes a rather wicked ending that will leave you excited and anxious to relieve the pressure. This session has only a hint of D/s content.

2 reviews for Nikki Basics Pak – Nikki Fatale

  1. CuteFBA (verified owner)

    Well nothing else to say than, you will be wanting more… you will love it, you wish Nikki controlled you in real life and also…

    Please gimme attention Nikki <3

    Btw, is Satinangels on yt ur old account? and the "meme" ? 😉 I like that one c:

  2. randomlysuggestive (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful. I’m hooked and want more.

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