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Listen to the most popular Hands-Free Orgasm hypnosis script ever released by Hypnofantasy. Sydney Chalmer did an amazing job in entrancing her subjects and teasing them until they had no choice but to submit to her pleasure. Try it today and learn why everyone loves Sydney Chalmer.

3 reviews for Hypnotic Bind – Sydney Chalmer

  1. bireland2 (verified owner)

    Sydney’s Bind is like reading a book you can’t put down. It has beginning of a very sultry seductive mistress who very quickly takes control and you drop into oblivion. The middle I have no clue what happened. The end WOW it was amazing But I won’t spoil the finish it was erotic Syndney hooked me

  2. Detlef K (verified owner)

    Sydney sure has a sexy voice. The beginning is promising. It stats with a pretty long intro, followed by a sexy and hot middle, but a finish, without building again. The Pace didn’t work at all for me. First looooooong induction, then a sexy, arousing middle but a too fast and not so hot ending. PLUS: It focused too much on PXXX licking, which didn’t do too much for me. So I have to give it 3-Stars.

    Interesting enough is that Hypnotic Bind is our number one session of all lifetime (15 years+)

  3. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This amazing, POWERFUL session I have listened to 4 times and I still can’t recall a thing, so I am listening to it right now, out of trance (for as long as I can), in order to be able to actually review it.

    I ADORED the induction, right from the get-go, starting where she has me sink into her bed’s mattress. She almost immediately whacks you after that with some irresistible triggers as the delightful induction begins in earnest. Her whispered repetition of key words really made them sink in and take hold – and felt WONDERFUL I do so LOVE a long induction. This induction was a little different than any I have done thus far and is totally irresistible. You JUST don’t want it to ever end.

    I also loved all of the “Sydney specific” suggestions, reminiscent of the style of Ms. Fatale. in her “underground” sessions. VERY erotic, personal, and effective. Along the way in the induction, Sydney completely immobilizes your arms and legs, and in the back of your mind you know that THAT means “No touching yourself!” on this one! Sydney does that for you. The only direction left for you to go is to let Sydney’s voice become your thoughts and trust her completely to care for you as you let go and feel her essence envelop you
    I cannot put into words how sexy this induction is, and how wonderful it is that it lasts for as long as it does. Just wait until she has you repeating the statements she makes between numbers during a countdown. So amazing. So personal. So HOT! She hypnotically harvests your mind effortlessly (on your part) in an intensely erotic manner.

    The distraction mechanism that she uses to tie up your conscious mind is brilliant and also a first for me. You know what she is doing to you, but you are now powerless to stop, or want to stop, her skillful guidance of you into deep, compliant, and deliciously euphoric trance.

    I’ll let you experience on your own just how sexy she sounds as she coaxes you to let her have full access to your “erotic mind” so that she can deposit her suggestions deep, deep within your psyche. God: I’m tingling right now!

    Sydney cleverly uses your own imagination to tie your mind into hypnotic knots – and about then you realize that you are under her spell and rapidly going deeply into trance, even as you wonder where it is that she is taking you.

    I cannot resist her voice any longer, so I am going to end this review here and let myself drop into what clearly is one of the finest, most erotic, and deep trance sessions that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I lasted for 24 minutes, to the point at which she “cocoons” you. You’ll find out… *S*

    The last thing I want to say before I surrender to trance for her is this: I never fail to be amazed by how unabashedly and boldly she addresses sexual material without so much as a HINT of demureness. Sydney is not the least bit afraid of VERY aggressively ravishing you, sexually, and raping your mind. I just never see that coming because of that delightfully sweet and innocent sounding voice of hers, and my foreknowledge that this woman is the sweetest, kindest meme on this site, by far. Sweet… and a deadly powerful hypnotist.

    How good is she? She actually eclipsed Nikki Fatale on this one – and this isn’t the only session she is successful in doing that on – and on multiple levels, too. A very talented hypnotist, to be sure. Sydney also eclipses Nikki (very, very hard to do!) with the depth and detail she has you experience from her in the sex “scenes” in this steamy trance session! You will not be disappointed!

    Time for me to drop for the Mind Mistress of H/F…

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