Hypnotic Bind – Sydney Chalmer

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Listen to the most popular Hands-Free Orgasm hypnosis script ever released by Hypnofantasy. Sydney Chalmer did an amazing job in entrancing her subjects and teasing them until they had no choice but to submit to her pleasure. Try it today and learn why everyone loves Sydney Chalmer.

2 reviews for Hypnotic Bind – Sydney Chalmer

  1. bireland2 (verified owner)

    Sydney’s Bind is like reading a book you can’t put down. It has beginning of a very sultry seductive mistress who very quickly takes control and you drop into oblivion. The middle I have no clue what happened. The end WOW it was amazing But I won’t spoil the finish it was erotic Syndney hooked me

  2. Detlef K (verified owner)

    Sydney sure has a sexy voice. The beginning is promising. It stats with a pretty long intro, followed by a sexy and hot middle, but a finish, without building again. The Pace didn’t work at all for me. First looooooong induction, then a sexy, arousing middle but a too fast and not so hot ending. PLUS: It focused too much on PXXX licking, which didn’t do too much for me. So I have to give it 3-Stars.

    Interesting enough is that Hypnotic Bind is our number one session of all lifetime (15 years+)

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