Because 4 (Bliss) – Nikki Fatale


You have learned how to easy it is to obey. You have learned how to surrender quickly and easily. You have learned how to submit completely. Now you are ready to experience the intense and erotic bliss that comes along with deep hypnosis. Once you start, you may find that you never want it to stop, so make sure to have plenty of time to really let go and enjoy deep hypnotic bliss, just because.

 Obviously, those who are ready to experience this deeply pleasurable session have already listened to the rest of the Just Because series. If you have not, then you must listen to those sessions first, so that you may fully participate in this session.

 After listening to Because IV, you will be able to get access to a special file, Because V – Beyond. Once you have listened, it will become very clear how to do so.

Running Time: 62:22


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