A Little Ass/Anal Play – Anabelle Katz


Welcome to the Taboo! This week you are in for a real treat as Dr. Annabelle Katz brings out her altar ego – Wild Kat – and she is ready to PLAY. There are areas of your body that are erogenous and some of those areas can give you intense pleasure. If you have ever wanted to explore anal sex or have a woman playing around in this most erotic area – then you are in the right place. This session has it ALL – from a little titillating ass play to some fun with tea bagging. It even has a fabulous perennial/prostate massage to blow your mind. If you have ever wanted to explore anal sex….with someone that loves anal sex, this is the perfect session for you. Nothing is taboo in the privacy of Dr. Katz’s office so get ready to rock in this session.

Dr. Kat’s altar ego…Wild Kat is ready to take you places you have never gone. Wild Kay loves to be FUCKED in the ASS and she makes this very clear in this over the top session. Explore areas you have never explored as you enjoy this fantasy session.



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