Harem Giftset – Sydney Chalmer


For those wanting to join Sydney’s Harem they should be well versed in Sydney’s style and trigger words.  This giftset give you all you need to prepare yourself.

This Sydney Chalmers Erotic Hypnosis giftset includes the following classics:

Aural Pleasure Sexperience

Erotic Hypnosis Trigger Primer

Falling Deeper

Hypnotic Compliance

The Orgasmic Kiss

The Sydney Chalmers Harem Experience

The Trap Door Sexperience

Wide Awake Fast Asleep

Sydney Chalmers wants to create a world where she is adored and in exchange she wants to adore you.  This is what happens when you have a strong and dominant woman who is full of submissive tendencies.  Her pleasure comes from giving you pleasure and your pleasure comes from give her pleasure.  Sydney’s Harem is where both worlds collide.


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