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KismetVideo returns after a short absence (nothing major, I just moved to a different city) with our newest hypnotist, Roselin. The title of the video is, “Floating on her Voice” which I can almost guarantee that you will be doing after just a few moments listening to her. It’s certainly what happened to me. The video originally had a different title but I noticed after a week or so of editing that I would lose my place and have to start over because I would become so lost in Roselin’s beautiful voice that I would literally “zone out” for a few minutes.

Not only is Roselin, graceful, elegant and undeniably beautiful, but her voice and her manner are utterly hypnotic. Don’t take our word for it, check out the preview and see if she doesn’t have the same effect on you.

The video starts as a one-on-one induction, and once she has you under, she does the same to another volunteer and you get to watch while you’re in her spell. It ends with her controlling you both and you will experience the same sensations that he does as she makes him utterly weak and without strength. (Somewhat similar to what Matty did to her subject in “Hypno-things”. Throughout the video, she uses her eyes, voice, hand gestures, snapping and even a pendant to work her magic. It should really have something to entice everyone.

It is the first video we have made that is not in the .wmv format. So many people are using phones and pads to watch video now that we felt the change was necessary. This video should look and sound great on any platform, but the comes with an increase in file size. This is a LARGE file (1.3 gigs) and all of our videos from this point one are likely to be increasing in size. It’s the only way to keep up with the demands of HD and good sound. The download will take a bit longer unless you have super fast internet service, but the results will be worth it. You’ll have a video that will look great today and for years to come.


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Length: 26:00 Minutes | Format: Mp4 | Download Size: 1.3 Gig (File is Zipped)

This video will play on both PC and Mac with the Windows Media Player or the FREE VLC Player.



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