Adaptive Unconscious Rollercoaster Combo Pak – Nikki Fatale


Adaptive Unconscious  (Running Time 58:00)

This session will allow you to be able to experience the *SLEEP* command as the trigger of choice.  Yes, I know it has been done before… it has even been done by Me before but it has NEVER been done like THIS before 😉  This file will test your ability to follow suggestions while in a hypnotic state.  Don’t worry, if you don’t pass the test that just means you need to listen again… and again…and again….

Roller Coaster… (Running Time 48:01)

Follow up Adaptive Unconscious with this file for an experience that is sure to leave you SPINNING for awhile.. be sure to give yourself the time to enjoy this ride.   Have you ever been to an amusement park where your main goal was to go on “THE” big ride.. “THE” fast ride… “THE” ride that will be sure to test your endurance…  well.. here is your chance, your ticket to The big ride 😉



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