Adaptive Unconscious Rollercoaster Combo Pak – Nikki Fatale

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Adaptive Unconscious  (Running Time 58:00)

This session will allow you to be able to experience the *SLEEP* command as the trigger of choice.  Yes, I know it has been done before… it has even been done by Me before but it has NEVER been done like THIS before 😉  This file will test your ability to follow suggestions while in a hypnotic state.  Don’t worry, if you don’t pass the test that just means you need to listen again… and again…and again….

Roller Coaster… (Running Time 48:01)

Follow up Adaptive Unconscious with this file for an experience that is sure to leave you SPINNING for awhile.. be sure to give yourself the time to enjoy this ride.   Have you ever been to an amusement park where your main goal was to go on “THE” big ride.. “THE” fast ride… “THE” ride that will be sure to test your endurance…  well.. here is your chance, your ticket to The big ride 😉


1 review for Adaptive Unconscious Rollercoaster Combo Pak – Nikki Fatale

  1. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This session is, as pretty much all of Nikki’s sessions, extremely informative even as she once again stealthily takes control of your mind. A fantastic lesson in what hypnosis is and how it works.

    While I find myself very reluctantly coming up out of trance, only to have Nikki plunge me back down again, it really is painless. I naturally just do exactly what she instructs me to do, and waking up is never the big letdown that I seem to expect it to be: I simply find myself awake – and looking forward to being taken back down again, which she does repeatedly in this session as it is necessary for the trigger training that she is guiding you through.

    When she is through with conditioning and training your mind, you will find that the “Sleep!” trigger has now become intensely powerful and effective. The rest of the ride – and lesson – is just the icing on the cake that the subject is used to and dotes on. “Used to” is an understatement: “addicted to” is more accurate. If you are anything like me, you can’t get enough of this glorious woman’s powerful sessions.

    Rollercoaster is a fun bit, and is a ride very much the same as the title implies. Again, due to the depth she takes me in her sessions, amnesia is the rule – and it is spontaneous even if she doesn’t craftily induce it. In the future I will take another approach to reviewing so that I can be more specific and informative (without issuing any spoilers, that is).

    The nice thing about experiencing chronic amnesia is that this, and ALL her sessions, are like that movie “ 50 First Dates”: you can listen over and over again, and never get overly acclimated to, or tired of, them. It’s 80% a new experience for me every time!

    You will thoroughly enjoy this longish (one hour) romp she takes in your mind, and it will leave you, like any good addict; wanting more! Enjoy!

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